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Aurora Electric's area of expertise is providing power, lighting, and required electrical systems. Our niche market is security, communications, and systems installations. This allows the client and construction manager to have a single point of contact and a turnkey installation under a single source.

Aurora has been invited to install first-time prototype intelligent systems working with our clients to establish the highest quality standards in the industry. Examples can be seen in the pictures below, including, but not limited to, The World Trade Center, the Long Island Rail Road, JFK Airport, and more.



Aurora Electric provides both parts & smarts, along with engineering services for clients such as The Port Authority, along with the MTA, NYCT, LIRR, MNR, and TBTA. We focus on division 19 and 20, which are security (CCTV / Access control / Fire alarms/ Analytics) and communications (Layer II / Layer III / Network LAN and WAN backbone communications). Our staff of system integrators are approved and have many years of experience with our Transit and Transportation clients. Aurora is able to bring WBE and DBE credits by using our workforce as well as furnishing parts, such as cameras, network video recorders, help point intercoms, network switches, and routers. Below we have outlined a picture of both a CCTV camera, and servers. We have experience working with both of the items listed below.




To ensure our customer's maximum satisfaction, we only get our products from the top names in the industry.

Boyce Logo.png

Manufacturer of Various Help Point Intercoms, Aggregators and Access Nodes
used in various Transportation Agencies such as MTA New York City Transit and more.


Manufacturer of the Full line of Fiber, Copper, Microwave Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems with full Management, Hardened Edge Cyber Ethernet Switches.


Manufacturer-Specializing in full line of cameras, on Board CCTV equipment, screens, monitors and displays.


Pivot 3 manufacturers premium surveillance solutions for various applications for Transportation, Water and Power, Utility, and more.


T-1 add/drop multiplexer with optional fiber and self-healing ring architecture: provides all std voice &data modules, digital program audio, Ethernet bridge, H.261 compressed video; built-in CSU; DACS to 6 T-1s; new IP network interface. Wide temp range option. New T-1 card & line protection option

intralogic logo.png

Manufacturer of CCTV Solutions for Government, School Municipalities and Rail.

Nortel Logo.png

Manufacturer of VOIP, Corporate Phone Systems, and Network Gear.


Fujitsu - Manufacturer of COE Carrier Oriented Ethernet Switches, i.e., SONET/GigE/10Gig/40Gig and 100 Gig switches, Hardened temperature Option. T-1/T-3 Services over Ethernet. Full line of Custom cabinet fabrication and manufacturing UL Rating

Cisco Logo.png

Manufacturer of Optical and Non-Optical Networking Switches and Router, Layer III and DWDM Fiber Optic Solution for Backbone and Edge Communication

RAD Logo.jpg

Manufacturer of access solutions for transportation and critical infrastructure. Wireless point to point and multipoint radios upwards of 545mbps btw sites, full line of SFPs and management, hardened TDM over IP Multiplexers and more.

Pelco Logo.png

Manufacturers of IP cameras for various agencies including Transportation, Transit, Bridges and Tunnels, Water, Utility and Power treatment plants plus a lot more.

etherwan logo.png

Full Line of GigE & Fast Ethernet Switches (wide temp range), PoE hardened Ethernet Switches terminal Servers converting RS 232/422/485 to 10/100BT, media Converters of All Sorts, Ethernet Over Copper Extenders and much more.


Manufacturer of RFID Tag Readers for Fleet Management and Train Location.

Thales Logo.png

Manufacturers of rail control parts for use on transportation, light rail, and subway trains.


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